What makes Flock the best online bizav directory?

Flock takes the business aviation directory idea to a whole new level - Here is how.
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The Flock directory is free and open for everyone. We don't hide data behind paywalls and paid plans. Every member of the aviation community can access every bit of data we have. Every registered Flock user can also edit and publish new data and communicate with companies and other users on Flock. 
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Thousands of Profiles

As of January 2018, Flock has almost 40,000 airport profiles and data on 4,000 aviation suppliers in 10,000 different locations. Our database is getting updated daily with entries by the Flock team and our community members.

Community Driven

One of the many things that make Flock stand out from other directories is the community aspect. Flock is accessible to all aviation professionals, not only for getting the information they desire (for free), but also to contribute. Anyone can expand, correct and update the information in our databases.


Constant Updates and Validations

Unlike many others, the Flock directory is updated daily. Our team and community add and update information constantly, without the limitations of a publishing cycle. In many cases - companies themselves run and update their own profiles on a daily basis (Official and Verified profiles).

On top of that, we have scripts automatically validating data integrity on a regular basis.

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Unlike any other aviation directory, Flock has expanded beyond your run of the mill directory by adding unique features such as the ones we have listed below, amongst many others.


Stay in the Loop

You no longer have to check and double check for any changes related to airports and companies of your interest. Just subscribe for updates and we will tell you about anything new, so you are never taken by surprise.

We Have Always Got Your Back

Haven't found information you urgently need? Our team is working 24/7 in the support of aviation professionals and updating the directory. We are good at it, and we are happy to help. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to help you out (and update our directory along the way, so it is a win-win)!


Connect Immediately

An evergrowing number of companies manage their business profiles on Flock themselves - not only by making sure their information is valid and up-to-date, but also by interacting with other businesses through Flock. You no longer have to leave the directory to contact a business you have found through other channels: with Flock, you can connect with businesses directly on-site for a faster and easier communication experience.

Community Comments 

Do you have any questions or notes regarding a specific airport or provider? Each profile contains a comments sub-forum in which you can voice your thoughts with our team and the entire Flock community.

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